Airport pavements not showing after hot fix

I never had this problem when other people were having it but I downloaded the hot fix and now the airports textures aren’t showing up this happened at KABQ my device is a IPhone SE2020

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Have you gone through the steps of clearing your scenery cache, restarting the app and trying again?

I haven’t restarted because I am currently fly to LAX

I have cleared the cashe

Please use this thread:

Given that you’re flying to LAX already, I would assume that your issue is resolved then.

I’ve had very similar issues and they arent fixing.

I already have the hotfix installed

So are you still experiencing these issues after clearing the cache and restarting the app?

Have you guys tried restarting your app and clearing the scenery cache after you’ve installed the hotfix?

Lax loaded but not ABQ

Please continue in previously linked topic. Always better to have everything about one single issue collected in one place.