Airport Parking Gates

Does a parking gate (point B) gets locked for others to spawn in; once you park on it after arriving from (point A)?

Most likely yes

It’s blocked if you spawn there, although I don’t think it gets blocked if you arrive there.

We could do a little test to see if no one has a definite answer…

If you mean when you are an arrival I do not believe so. Unless you happen to hit the exact spot used to determine occupancy.

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Maybe that is something Devs could work on? At HEGN I encountered an odd situation where I was few meters away from an empty parking gate and then this Korean A333 spawned. I had to pushback and find another empty parking gate (unrealistic).

I think it would probably be hard. When you spawn in I imagine they can update the status of the gate as taken. But when you arrive, you’d have to determine a hit box around the gate where if a plane is in it it changes the status. That’s much more complicated.

Now I know nothing in coding that’s just a guess at how it works. (To push the guess a bit further I imagine as soon as you move any bit, the status is updated to free. Even if you stop half a meter later.) we could do a few tests to check all of this. Just need two pilots performing certain actions.

Plus already now it can be complicated with two people spawning more or less at the same time or just simply a short loss of connection could mean two people spawn on top of each other

I think it detects if an aircraft is in the facility of a stand by measuring the wing span and length. If the aircraft won’t touch when the second spawns, the second will be allowed to spawn. If the app thinks the two will touch, the second plane can’t spawn.

Even with the shortest wingspan on record, two aircraft occupying the same gate will touch.

Upon what do you base your supposition? Or do you actually have familiarity with the code?

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OK we should stop making assumptions.
I have encountered an incident once which disproves the theory about the gate becoming unoccupied once the aircraft moves an inch. During the Australina/NZ flyout, omeone else accidentally used my gate, and later even when he was pushing back I still cannot take the gate.
The only other thing I know is that IF can find the nearest gate to a plane when leaving the flight (the autoset starting airport thing).

I’ve had both situations occur: at the gate and another aircraft suddenly appears over top of me; another time I got a message to choose another gate because the one I had chosen was already occupied.

Where can I go to request more gates? KAFW only has 1 cargo spot for FedEx but it’s a regional hub for FedEx.

I believe this is a job for the Airport Editing Team! You are always welcome to join them & @Moritz can tell you more if you are interested.

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