Airport packs

Thinking of buying one or two airport packs. Which do you recommend, and which one has Princess Juliana in it?


Caribbean has TNCM in it.

Suggest you get SoFlo or Hawaii.


I’d wait because Global flight is comming! ;)

That’s th Carribean.

Global flight?! Will that be a free update, or will you have to have live?

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I don’t have live, its way too expensive. :D

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You can’t buy Live ($4.99), but you can buy two regions ($4.99 each)?


Yep, because live is every month, but the airports would just be one time purchases. My iPads also rarely connected so it wouldn’t be worth it.

Very likely not

I really hope not.

I fond this unlikely too but it’s possible


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You’re going to have many issues later on without Internet. When Global flight is released it will be on a cloud system requiring Internet to load the scenery. Without Internet, you will only be able to fly at locations you recently flew in from cached files, which is limited. So whether you have live or not, you will need Internet for global flight or else you won’t fly. That’s the way I took it from this post:

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Oh no! Will there be an option to download it?

I’m not sure, although I know you won’t be able to download the whole earth on your mobile devices as it would be tons of GB of space (which is why they have made the cloud system). Just have to wait to find out I guess. I haven’t heard anything about downloading scenery, but who knows.

Okay, I’ve got my fingers crossed that there will be an option. Thanks!

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