Airport operations

I would like to know how everyone feels about act being able to actually shut down airspace…
Like litterally close the airport based on weather conditions, Once the devs get the wind and possible rain sorted into the sim, I think it would be cool to have airports closed based on real world information, being able to divert traffic to other airports as needed to safely guide planes to destinations

whats your take??

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Hello! Firstly, I’d say this would be a features category. Also, a neat idea I think it is and definitely goes along with the realism. With the current ATC schedule, most pilots and controllers somewhat depend on where the traffic will be and where the ATC will be. Some pilots may not like having to divert to a different airport and if they want the ATC they may not get the full service either. This is just my opinion and doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. I’d be interested to see others. Besides, who doesn’t like landing in a white out or crazy crosswinds?! 😂 Take care!

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