Airport Operations (Wiki)

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I am not sure EGCC is very clear.

When on easterlies Egcc uses 05L only for departures, 05R is rarely if ever used for departures. For arrivals both 05R and 05L can be used.

On westerlies 23R only is used for arrivals, 23L is not used for arrival. Both 23L and 23R are used for departures.

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07R/25L is also used for cargo arrivals.

MaxSez: Appears insufficient research and technical knowledge was utilized to validate the data presented. Suggest the utilization of readily available aerodrome Web links like; & for pre flight planning data. For arrival ATIS should be reintroduced. (See: “Where’s ATIS in the Archive). In my opinion; This wiki is redundant, not updated regularly thus outdated and of no useful purpose.

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At KSFO the following is true although 28L and 28R are also used for departing heavies (due to large runway length), trans pacific departures, as well as international departures.

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VOHS (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad-India)

RWY 09R/27L is the primary runway for all departures and arrivals.
RWY 09L/27R is used as a taxiway. Only used for operations when the primary runway is undergoing maintenance.

KSJC Airport

On a regular day:

Runway 30R - Departures
Runway 30L - Arrivals

Runways 12R and 12L are only used when wind patterns change and 30R and 30L are unusable.

For JFK:
When departing 31L (31R is very rarely used for takeoffs), turn left immediately. It’s the Canarsie climb and is used in real life whenever those runways are in operation.

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For LGAV (Athens International Airport):

Normally: Arrivals 03L/21R, Departures 03R/21L

Night time procedures: 03R cannot be used for take-off, 21L cannot be used for landing.

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For KCLE (Cleveland Hopkins International):

Runway 24R/6L is typically used for takeoffs. Runway 24L/6R is typically used for landings. These can be swapped if need be.

Runway 28/10 is for GA, but is rarely used. It is not to be used when the other runways are active.

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TJSJ: RWY 8 mostly for takeoffs; RWY 10 mostly for landings.

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ESSA (Stockholm-Arlanda)

Large Aircraft Operating Restrictions

  • RWYS 01L/19R is to be used for take-off and landing
  • RWY 26 is to be used for take-off


  • Aircraft should not turn off runways with turns exceeding 90 degrees
  • Taxiways are operated in a clockwise fashion when parallel
  • High-intensity (high-speed) operations in use

Noise Abatement (Realism, to the next level)

  • RWY 01R not to be used for landing at nighttime
  • RWY 08 not to be used for landing except when required for wind conditions
  • RWY 19R not to be used for take-off at nighttime
  • RWY 26 not to be used for take-off except when required for wind conditions


  • Maintain 190 knots or greater 2NM out

Source/More Charts

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KLAX (Los Angeles International Airport) - no matter the wind direction, outboard runways are used for landing and inboard runways are used for departure.

Simple Diagram:

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