Airport on edge of FIR

I am flying Brisbane to Sydney and Brisbane center has gone offline.
YSSY is just inside Melbourne FIR. for my arrival into Sydney do I tune in to that Center and request descent, or descend via the STAR on my own terms until I can contact approach?

Hey! Request descent via your STAR and the controller will most likely let you proceed. Once you are in range of approach’s jurisdiction they’ll hand you off to them and you’ll state you’re approach intentions.

With melbourne center? Even if I am not in their FIR but I will be entering it?

If your going through an area without your destination just check in and remain on their freq since your just flying through.

Melbourne will ask you to change frequency your not in their airspace so I would just proceed as filed. (EDIT: Make sure you contact approach when in their airspace and then do your requests for Approach and to descend using the STAR)

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Ok, I will tune approach when I can. Thanks

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No problem have a good flight!

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Hopefully My device doesn’t crash on landing :P

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