Airport of the Month - Juan Santamaría International Airport (MROC)

Pretty cool; I see that they receive FedEx Feeder aircraft frequently, I’ll have to check it out! I recommend you begin to introduce the slightly larger regionals that recieve CRJs so we can discover new airports to fly our new aircraft into :)

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1350Z: Depart KPKB
1440Z: Arrive at western terminus of Ohio River
1445Z: Land of the Lakes
1535Z: @KPIT break (might arrive earlier will keep you posted in a PM come Sunday)
15:50Z: Arrive back at KPKB



Cant wait… Should be good

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Actualy, I just rembered I have an event I am hosting till 2…

For me it is “I’ve already flown to KPKB.”

New Airport of the Month coming out on Saturday!

Can’t wait! Hope it is a good one, well actually of course it will be good, I hope it is great!

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I’ve done Asia, Europe, and North America so far. THIS APRIL will mark the first time entering the Southern Hemisphere to do flying at San Carlos de Bariloche Airport.

This airport sits in Argentina at the base of the Andes Mountains, and very close to the Chile border.

Flights depart and arrive out of this airport between 7am and 8pm six days a week (10pm on Saturdays). Popular destinations from here include Córdoba (SACO) and Buenos Aires (SABE). There are also flights to El Palomar (SADP), Rosario (SAAR), and Mendoza (SAME). Several airlines that fly out of this airport (Austral and Andes) aren’t in IF, but you may be able to change your callsign to one of these airlines for ULTRA REALISM.

OTHER STUFF TO DO AT SAZS: GA geeks can fly around the Andes mountains. Or if you’re not a GA person, do a fake flight to anywhere in South America. Why not try flying to KJFK, or to CYOW; possibilities are endless.


  • I WILL fly to SAZS this month
  • I MAY fly to SAZS this month
  • I’ll get to SAZS eventually
  • I will not be making it to SAZS, ever

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I’ll change it to the specified requirements. (The title) Will you, by chance, be controlling here?

I’m not IFATC, but I will consider doing a TS ATC session here

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If you do, let me know.

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Shouldn’t it be airport of the week because 12 airports, not a lot.

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Make sure to check out this page for the first monthly Touch and Goes at the Airport of the Month.

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I will explore that area whenever there is High Def scenery there.

It might be awhile before they add high def to South America. SAZS still looks cool tho

It’s time for another rural airport, and this May is no exception. This month’s airport will be (CZWL) Wollaston Lake Airport in Saskatchewan, Canada .

Canada can be a hard place to get around. To get to Wollaston Lake by car depends on the season. If the lake is frozen, you can easily drive across. If it isn’t, a ferry can haul cars there twice a day. Or if you have a pilots license and a passport (if you don’t live in Canada), you can fly there.

The only commercial airlines that flew out of this airport was Pronto Airways, which offered services to Prince Albert, Points North Landing, and Saskatoon. Unfortunately, services were ceased in 2015.image

Because this airport is in the middle of NOWHERE, you can decide what cool stuff you should do while flying in Wollaston Lake. I’m thinking of challenging myself to a flight between last month’s Airport (SAZS) and Wollaston Lake. Probably would be my longest flight to date.


  • I WILL fly out of CZWL this month
  • I MAY fly out of CZWL this month
  • I’ll get to CWZL eventually
  • I won’t be making it to CZWL… EVER
  • I’ve flown between South America and North America in IF or IRL!

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Changed the title for you. I’ll try to fly into the port, hopefully in my Grand Caravan ;).

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Would love to see KBUF on this list!!! It is a medium sized airport and doesn’t get a lot of attention by IF users.

I just read Pronto Airways ceased service in 2015. So maybe no commercial service now?

Airlines Destinations
Pronto Airways Prince Albert, Points North, Saskatoon [2]
Transwest Air La Ronge, Points North, Prince Albert, Regina, Saskatoon [3]

It says here on Wikipedia that they operate to a handful of airports.