Airport of the Month - Juan Santamaría International Airport (MROC)

Hello flight sim geeks! So FDS has been doing Route of the Month, so I figured why not start an Airport of the Month series. I will traverse to many airports; mostly commercial airports, however every three months (February, May, August, November) will be a rural airport.

I will try to mostly feature airports that I’ve never seen anybody travel to yet. This is to broaden everybody’s flying palettes so we can all discover new airports anywhere from the peaks of Mexico to the deserts of the Middle East. Did I say Middle East?

Because December’s featured airport is King Hussein International Airport (ICAO “OJAQ”) Below is a pic of the airport.
Located in Aqaba, Jordan, the only coastal city in its country, King Hussein Airport sits on the southwestern corner of Jordan on the Gulf of Aqaba (fitting name).

WHY FLY OUT OF OJAQ?: This area of the globe has received minimal attention in the history of IF Global flyers. OJAQ is only a 20-30km GA hop from a scenic flight over the Gulf leading to the Red Sea, and sits in front of some small peaks. If GA flights aren’t your cup of tea, OJAQ is also a commercial airport. You can fly IRL flights to Moscow, Budapest, and Amman, or you can do the flight I’m gonna do tomorrow from OJAQ-DTTZ.

I look forwards to seeing your pics at OJAQ on the Best IF Photos topic page, no matter how few nor many. Please also let me know if you want this Airport of the Month thing to become a regular thing.


I love the substance, great post and hope KMIA or MUHA Can be among the best airports ;)!

Great post!


This is a very nice idea and a great post. Hopefully we can have LTBA or HKJK feature soon.

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Probably won’t be doing KMIA, as I’m trying to do less popular airports.

I would like everybody who reads this to vote in this poll.

  • I will fly out of OJAQ this month!
  • I MIGHT fly out of OJAQ this month!
  • I’ll get to OJAQ eventually
  • Hell with flying out of it, I’ll land at OJAQ!
  • I will not be making it to OJAQ ever

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MacSez: Interesting Choice for a first pick. “Aqaba”, Historically Significant If your a military history or Mid East buff. Think, WWl, Lawrence of Arabia, Ottaman Empire, Fertile Crescent, Arabia…

Great choice @C_Baccari


The new Airport of the Month for January is Pula Airport (ICAO “LDPL”). Below is a pic of the airport layout/scenery.

Located in Pula, Croatia, on the peninsula of Istria, Zračna luka Pula is mainly a summer operated airport. Many routes begin operation in May or June, and take a winter hiatus after late October. Only the destinations of Osijek, Split, and Düsseldorf are served year round.

Below are a few of many examples of real-world summer flights you can choose to operate in IF.

Transavia: Rotterdam
Aer Lingus: Dublin
Edelweiss (replace with Swiss aircraft): Zürich

You can check Wikipedia or the airport website for more real world flights.

If you are a GA flyer, you can also go airport hopping in Croatia. Pula is the most northern and western you can go in Croatia. LDRI (Omišalj) and LDLO (Mali Lošinj) are close to LDPL. LIPQ is in Italy, but similarly not a far trip from Pula.

WHY ELSE SHOULD I FLY OUT OF/TO LDPL?: The airport is also a perfect refueling stop for a fighter jet race, (@DeerCrusher & @THE-OP) between London and Athens, Zurich and Istanbul, or Frankfurt and Singapore. Plus, this airport is very convienent for Sunday’s IFATC schedule that I am physically unable to participate in. Maybe some IFATC will want to open this airport for Sunday, even though I will unfortunately be unable to participate.

Once again, I hope to see your pics at LDPL in either the Global Logbook or Best IF Photos. Also, make sure to vote in the poll below.

  • I will fly out of LDPL this month
  • I may fly out of LDPL this month
  • I’ll get to LDPL eventually
  • Hell with flying out of it, I’ll LAND at LDPL
  • I will not be making it to LDPL, ever

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Add an “I’ve already flown to LDPL” option ;)
Nice series, I am a huge fan of smaller, less popular airports myself. I take no special joy in flying to the big airports at all, in fact I have not touched airports like KLAX, KATL, EGLL, VHHH, LFPG, LEMD, KORD, KSFO a single time yet and I do not intend to change this anytime soon.
You can just fly so many other realistic real-life routes (alliteration intended) without hopping fro hub A to hub B and you see so much more interesting scenery and airports.
Nice picks, keep 'em coming.


To let you and everyone else know, next month will be a rural, GA ONLY airport.

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Wow! I live less than 100km from Pula Airport and I landad many times at that airport in IF, but never IRL.

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Im gonna be stalking this topic now, some good Airfields :)

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Was he the English guy that fought the Turkish?


This month’s Airport of the Month is Kemijärvi Airfield in Kemijärvi, Finland (ICAO “EFKM”). Below is a pic of the airport and surrounding scenery.

“Ugh, Victor. It’s too early to get up! It’s only 3:30am!”
This is a line that you should NEVER say during the summer in northern Finland, especially if you are a tourist. If I wouldnt’ve revealed the time, would you’ve thought it was that early? Probably NOT.

This area of Finland is notorious for doing horseback riding, hiking, and any other daytime activities in the dead of a summer’s night. How does that translate to a good time in a flight simulator you ask?

You can set the date and time in IF to June 5, 2018 @ 1:02am to fly during the final sunset and sunrise before 33 days of continuous sun! You can also set the date and time in IF to July 9, 2018 @ 1:12am to experience the first sunset after 33 days of continuous sun!

Just like all of Finland, you don’t have to travel too far from Kemijärven Lentokenttä to find a lake to fly around. Lake Kemijärvi is less than 10 miles away from the airfield, and its sunsets won’t disappoint.

WHY ELSE SHOULD WE FLY HERE?: Avoid the Helsinki crowds in IF this Saturday, and visit here! In fact, why not fly from Kemijärvi to the nearby home airport of Santa Claus, ROVANIEMI AIRPORT (EFRO). Even better, those wishing to continue their career modes in IF, and come visit northern EU IFATC services on Saturday CAN participate in the following itinerary.

SATURDAY: Do flight from EFHK-EFRO
SUNDAY: Visit Kemijärvi!
MONDAY: Fly somewhere else!

Please vote in the poll below. This will let me know if you enjoyed my airport suggestion this month.

  • I WILL fly into EFKM this month
  • I was at EFKM before February 7 @ 1700Z
  • I WILL fly into EFKM this WEEKEND if IFATC services cover Finland on Saturday
  • MAYBE I’ll fly into EFKM this month
  • I’ll get to EFKM eventually
  • I will not be going to EFKM. EVER

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I would never want you to stop this. May I remind you sincerely, keep this up. This never disappoints me, not even one femtosecond.

Fantastic Post!


I appreciate the feedback. This is why I have continued this trend.

I’ll control EFKM, how bought that. On TS1.

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I agree with @Nate_Schneller. It brings a bit of variety into the forum once in a while! Keep it up. I would have tried to cover the airport on some of Saturday with IFATC but unfortunately I’m skiing!

The new Airport of the Month is Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport near Parkersburg, WV, United States (ICAO “KPKB”)

Since I’ve given too much attention to Europe and none to the Americas, this airport is located in the state of West Virginia, very close to the Ohio River/state border. Despite the screenshot above, KLM doesn’t fly to KPKB.

Mainly small airlines, e.g. Voyager Airways, operate flights from this small airport to Charlotte and Raleigh. However, since it it near the Ohio River, it can be used for other purposes in IF. Stay tuned for my announcement at the bottom of the post regarding what I’ll be doing Sunday, if my schedule allows, to honor this Airport of the Month and the Ohio River

KPKB lies near Parkersburg, West Virginia, a town along an old train line between Baltimore and Saint Louis (respective airport ICAOs being KBWI and KSTL).

Ideas for flights out of this airport include taking GA flights to the nearby towns of Dayton or Cincinatti, or taking a Cessna 208 to reenact a flight between this airport and Charlotte or Raleigh.

BECAUSE THIS AIRPORT IS SUPER DUPER CLOSE TO THE OHIO RIVER, I will be doing the following on Sunday, if time allows.
Take off out of KPKB in an F-22. Head due west down the Ohio River towards the Mississippi. I will then fly close to the edge of the river in Cairo, Illinois. Bank eastwards, fly over Land Between the Lakes, and take a near-direct path towards Pittsburgh, at the other end of the Ohio. Then I will fly into or near KPIT, possibly run into @KPIT, then follow the Ohio River back to KPKB.
I WILL BE PASSING THROUGH: Cincinnati, Louisville, Owensboro, Evansville, Paducah, Land Between the Lakes, Pittsburgh, and Wheeling. I will post an estimated start time as a Sunday draws closer.


  • I WILL fly to/from KPKB this month
  • I MAY fly to/from KPKB this month
  • I’ll get to KPKB eventually
  • I will not be making it to KPKB EVER

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This is the closest airport of the month to me. I’ll try and make it a stop. Maybe I’ll do it as part of the new GA club!


Hopefuly I run into you…

Actualy hopefully no one runs into anyone, but let me know if you decide to do that flight… I can show you around the point