Airport not showing up

The airport I’m landing at, OMRK, is not showing up, I’ve cleared scenery cache 9 times now, and that hasn’t done a thing. All I can see at the airport is a small portion of concrete in the GA section of the airport. I’m on the Expert Server. My wifi is fine.

There is a global server issue that the devs and mods are looking into. It’s probably because if this.

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That is the weather, and the issue with me is scenery. My weather is fine.

@anon79257371 I’ve been in the air for about 7 hours and 15 minutes and I don’t want to have to end my flight.

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the thread is global server & weather

Please read the post. Mods are monitoring the situation regarding not just the weather but the server issue as well. I have helped in another post about airports not showing up as well. Please be patient