Airport not showing up question

Hey!! So, I have only done one flight with 22.4 so far because I’ve been so preoccupied with finals lately. In the flight I did, KMIA didn’t appear. I cleared the cache. I was just wondering if whoever has had this problem sees the airport after clearing the cache during their next flight. Thanks!


I have had the same issue as you aswell

Did you see the airport on approach the next flight??

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Yeah I did.

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Thank you so much! You were very helpful! Thanks for responding so quickly!

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All good! Thats what im here for :)

Also, 3D airports dont show up on the horizon, they show up about halfway on approach for me, so quite far away from the airport the airport should look flat, until you get closer

Hello there @Bassfishing,

Sorry to here that Miami isn’t quite working. Here is a post about Miami and the recent 22.4 update.

Have a good one!


Thank you!!

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Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to look through the post!


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