Airport not rendering in

So you’re on final (In KLAX for me) and everything is looking good but the airport failed to render in properly. This is very frustrating. I paid subscription because I like this app and it’s worth it and now I’m having second doubts about this. This is not the first time it happened. My graphics settings was low (to prevent over heating) and my Anti Alliasing is off always off… Any tips before I lose my mind?


Hey! A possible fix to this could be to go to Settings-General-Clear Cache. it could possibly help.

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This causes my game to freeze(not during the flight, I do this before my flight).

When I clear the scenery cache

It’ll cause freezing for under a minute.

I recommend setting all graphics settings to low, plane count to low, and setting your FPS to 30.This helped me out a ton.

Oh right okay thanks


I have linked below something that might help.

End the flight and join again helpt for me

This is happening to me too, it’s happened three times since the taxi lights update

It’s happened at KMIA and OJAI so far

Here’s MIA just now

I clear scenery cache and restart device before each flight but it still happens. Seems like a bug.

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I have the same problem too sometimes. when on final sometimes the airport doesn’t load in so I go around and make a long downwind and that usually renders the airport.

Why is no one replying? This is a bug, is it being noted?

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It has been, about as many times as there are days in a year. They’re working on it, patience is all that’s asked. :D

  1. I’ve already replied to the OP via email.

  2. There’s numerous other topics about this where we’ve replied before.

  3. As clearly stated in the Support FAQ for this category:

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