Airport not loading

Device: IPad 9th generation
Operating system: IOS 15.4.1

So basically I was approaching LIRF and did a long downwind for the runway. When I first came near the airport on downwind, it loaded perfectly. Then, as I got further away from the airport on downwind, the airport unloaded. The airport never loaded back in after that. This issue is so frustrating because it has happened so many times and it’s never been fixed. This issue is one of the reasons I got a new iPad because I thought my previous iPad was too outdated and slow to load the airports properly. I guess I didn’t need the new iPad after all.

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I’ve done an answer before that worked for other users.
I put it right here:

Do not hesitate to tell me if it does not work to be able to find a solution ;)

I actually tried that, but it didn’t work for me. It used to when you were able to change the 3D object density mid flight.

You can also clear the cache frequently because it helps a lot, be careful not to do it in flight!

I’ll try next time.

Ok, let me know if it still doesn’t work

Alright, I will.


Usually this is caused by the Global server being down or your connection try clearing the cache then restart the app and device if this doesn’t work then I would check you internet also I believe the devs are aware of this


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