airport not loading

Hi all,
I just performed a flight from KLAX-OMDB. On arrival into dubai the airport wasn’t there. It was just satellite scenery. I’ve seen this has been a problem before but should there not be a way to fix it by now?

Hello there!
There a few things I would try:

  • Restart your device
  • Clear the Scenery Cache
  • Close Unused apps
  • Free up storage from your device

Let me know if these work, hope it helps!

Ps: Welcome to the community!

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Hey @Lil_Bashir,
I hope the suggestions were effective!
If they were, be sure to mark my message as the solution to let Moderators know that the solution has been solved, along with letting people who may have a similar issue be informed of the solution. Cheers!

To complete your information, I could also lower the number of buildings to “Low” and from there put it back to “High”

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