Airport not loading

Hey, ever since the recent update i have been facing issues with the airport scenery not loading…this time as i was on short final i noticed i cant see the airport ground or runway to land…could someone please help me out?



Does this happen to every airport?
Try clearing the scenery cache and restart the app and tell me if it fixed.

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i cleared scenery cache, i performed a go around and it was still the same…the worst is when this happens while taking off…this happens on iOS and Android ever since the recent update…i respawned after landing and the airport loaded, but while flying when this happens is extremely difficult

on the replay the airport is visible…weird 🤔

What airport is this on?

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the issue with the landing was on VOCI, but this happens on almost all airports for me…the ones that i flew after updating…keeps flickering…scenery coming and going

Very weird.
What device and graphic settings are you using

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graphics settings are all on low, fps 30, anti aliasing ON

device where i experienced the airport not loading was on Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro, the flickering issue i noticed on the Xiaomi as well as 2018 iPad

I’m gonna be honest, I have completely no idea how to help you.
Are your devices storage full?

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lol its alright, thanks for trying…i guess only the staff can help regarding this…no my device has plenty storage available

I’ve experienced the same challenge on some of the arrival airports. Happened to me like 3 times after update, so it’s not happening so often. I’ve been clearing cache every now and then, but don’t know what is causing the problem. Sometimes the Runways lights are showing, sometimes the runway texture is showing, but usually taxiways, apron and gate areas are missing 100%.

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When i was on short final i could not see any part of the airport…

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Happened to me twice. Usually when approaching an airport after a long haul flight.

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I was on a long haul as well

Second time was about 3 mins ago at FACT. I just changed the time to noon and landed on the satellite image of the runway. It’s disappointing that flights have to end like that sometimes. It’s a waste of time really.

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Turn this off. Anti Aliasing takes up a lot of storage and makes your device slower, hence, prevents airports from loading.
Hopes this helps!


Will try this out next time

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Roger, let me know if it works.

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I have been experiencing this problem. I had it when I was on final at OPIS the other day and also today on final at MPTO. I too have cleared scenery cache multiple times but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

I have all my graphics settings maxed out. However my device is an iPad Pro 4th generation which is more than capable of handling intense graphics.


I hope the IF team is gonna find a fix for this issue soon

Turning off anti-aliasing won’t help, that’s just extra graphic rendering. I would suggest to clear all data off the app (or re-install) and try again then. Helped for me!