Airport not loading/Scenery went black

Yeah Same problem if you depart and Airport the runways and taxiways disappear after 15 miles

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This happens to me too


A hotfix is on the way and we’ll push it as soon as we’re able!


Thx a lot!

Beautiful thank you

The hotfix is now rolling out on the App Store and Google Play. Look out for 21.06.01 on iOS and 21.06.02 on Android which should be available by the end of today.

Thanks for your patience! Let us know if you continue seeing any issues :)


I do not experience the issue anymore 🎉🎉


Thanks so much for your concern for airport loading, I can’t experience the issue again,

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Just updated the app, will try it tonight.

Issue reproduced @PHNL, after updating, clearing the cache, and changing all of the graphic settings.

I don’t know if you know, but you can’t close the app during the landing after a 6 hour flight, so I don’t want to be asked any questions of the sort “Did you close the app?”.

I’d like this issue solved, as this has affected over 15 hours of my flight time.

Sorry to hear. The hotfix was an attempt at fixing the issue with the clear reproduction case we had available. So far, you are the only person experiencing this issue after the hotfix that we are aware of so we would need some more information.

It may likely be a corrupt file download. To rule this out, can you go to settings → Clear Scenery Cache from the main menu (not in game), and then restart the app?

Continue to fly like normal and then let us know if you see it again. I understand it is frustrating to experience this issue, but it would help us gather some more data about this to be able to begin to investigate :) thanks!


I’m not the only one experiencing this after the hotfix.

This was the important bit of my sentence, since I am tracking this topic :)

Have you tried the steps I suggested? Let me know how you get on!

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It seems to be working after a few patterns

But I haven’t done any medium to long haul flight yet so I will let you know how it works then.

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It seemed to be working fine, no issues after the original flight, thanks for the help @Cameron.

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Great! Thanks for letting me know :)
It sounds like a one-off issue, but we are definitely keeping an eye on these reports. It is a bit harder to fix if it’s only happening once in a random situation but we will investigate regardless


Hi Cameron! Excuse the question, I would like to know if you know anything about the airport loading problem still happening … and if they are still working to try to fix it.

We aren’t tracking any specific issues with this I’m afraid. Please let us know if you are experiencing it consistently (i.e. the airport doesn’t load every time you start a flight) so we can look further. Thanks!

I have had the problem several times already … but it has been done very often that an airport does not charge me