Airport not loading in when on approach

I was on approach into Munich and the airport didn’t load at all. With use of the map I was able to still land by making out where the runway and taxiways would be but it was a major inconvenience and detriment to the experience. This used to happen before but was fixed a while ago. However it now seems to be reoccurring again.

Lenovo tab M10 fhd plus
Android 10

Me too iPhone

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Yeah someone on the discord said it just happened to them too

Try clearing the scenery cache. This can be down to corrupted scenery being saved.

Yeah tried that didn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion though

Some things to note if you are experiencing this issue:

• Ensure you have a strong and stable internet connection, ping and jitter have a stronger influence on this than the upload/download speeds themselves
• Ensure you have storage available to stream and download scenery
• Restart your device and relaunch Infinite Flight in between flights
• Clearing scenery cache could be useful when you initially experience this


Okay thanks for the response. Will give this a go now👍

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Same thing happened to me as well while approaching Munich and Eindhoven last week

same. this was my situation too. but when i was diverting to ETSE, i got level 3 violation from the approach atc controller.

Hey! You landed with me and I gotta say ‘Well done’ as it was flawless without an airport!

I also had this issue today, as did several others, and last time EDDM was featured. It appears to be a ‘thing’.

Hope to see you around again soon! :)

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Had similar issue on three previous landings and 30mins ago after landing in Miami, there were no runways nor taxiways, couldn’t taxi to parking and had to log out of the game after landing.

Thanks, was very tough but thought why not give it a go 😂

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Well, this happened to me 2 times already and both of them are in Miami.

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Seems to be a recurring issue. Especially when changing views on the ground after landing.

We are looking into this but aren’t seeing anything obvious causing it yet.
Sorry about this!

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Try this, it can help most of the time, clearing scenery cache quite often (not in flight) is a good solution.

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