Airport not loading in on final

Hello! Unfortunately, the airport scenery doesn't load in for me leaving me with the task of landing on a blurry field of white and green. This occurs very frequently but interestingly, it mainly occurs in the a350 and a lot at EDDM (I fly into Munich a lot and thats where I have most of the issues). Other flights with other aircraft seem to work fine, and landing the a350 in Vancouver yesterday worked without a problem (hopefully this is interesting detail for the developers). I have tried clearing the scenery cache, have all my graphics settings on low or medium and restart my device before every flight. Help!

Apple iPad Mini 4:
iPadOS 15.7:

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We’re aware of this and have been working quite hard on figuring it out. We’ve done some great findings that will hopefully lead to a permanent fix for this in the next update (22.7).

For the time being, if possible;
Try to avoid transitioning and/or flying downwind of the airport prior to landing to avoid it. It seems like those two scenarios seems to help triggering the issue.


Hey, thanks for the quick reply. That sounds great, I look forward to the update. Having given it more thought, it really does happen a lot more often in the a350 (I might even go as far as saying it doesn’t happen to me in other aircraft). Hope that helps and thanks again.

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