Airport Not Appearing

IPad Air 2:
IPad OS 15:

This is the third time in a week the destination airport has not appeared. I wasted 9 hours of data only not to be able to land. This sim can be so irritating at times. Please do well to address this issue.



Sorry to hear.
Fortunately, we are doing as much as we can do address this issue since we know it’s quite an annoying one.

One thing to bear in mind that might help in the mean time;
If possible - avoid overflying or flying downwind of the airport you intend to land on. There seems to be a correlation there which we are investigating.

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I would keep that in mind. Hopefully the reinstall would do some good

It won’t, I’m afraid. That’s one of the reasons the post suggesting that was deleted.

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Oh well i just have to be more cautious then. Thanks for the response

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