Airport needs to be fixed

Hello IFC, I was wondering if you could fix an airport for me. The airport code is CA11. It is just a plane runway and has no taxiway or real start points. When I looked on google earth it showed some hangers and a taxiway but that is not in Infinite flight. If someone could fix this that would be very nice. Thank you!


Hmmm I think this an IFAET issue but I guess they have other more higher priority airports to deal with 😉


Than what does that mean?

Hi Finley! In addition to what was said above, you may join the effort in editing airports below. The Airport Editing Team unfortunately doesn’t take direct requests I’m afraid. I do suggest to take a quick peak below at the Airport Editing Team’s thread.

Btw IFAET = infinite flight airport editing team

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Cheers!


Not sure what higher priority was supposed to mean. From my knowledge, editors are free to edit airports to their choosing. Some may work on large bravos and some may choose to rework a class echo. With that being said the team doesn’t take requests, so you’ll have to wait for a revision to be made when ready!

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In the flight cast podcast it said that on the IFC you can make a direct request for an airport to be fixed. And also I cant use the required devices for airport editing.

It is not or #support or #meta ?

Nope. This would be neither.

The last time I checked FlightCast hasn’t been posting podcasts for a few years now so it’s outdated. ;)

Times have changed as the forum grows increasingly larger day by day.


I understand. Thanks anyway. :)

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Here ya go

Prob cause he means that IFAET for some reason mostly choose to edit random ranches in the US over international airports with no gates and some that don’t even exist

China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are literally the worst nations in terms of updated airports in the game yet they’re constantly being ignored


Ummm, maybe because 95% of all major U.S. airports have been updated within the last five years. Not to mention the fact that auto generated airports have become a priority.

I’d hardly say that they’re being ignored. Due to the sheer size of a majority of airports in these countries, especially China, they take an extremely long time to do. Poor imagery in these countries doesn’t help, either.

If you’d like to help out, consider joining; we’d love to have you.


I would encourage you to read the post made by Cam of all the recent airport updates and additions. Sorry to hear that you feel many regions are underrepresented in terms of quality. If you want to see a difference, perhaps you can join!

No. Most civil / military Chinese airports are nearly all edited in the sim (not to mention their imagery is ironically more updated than the US), and a handful of editors are working around the clock to update as many Russian airports as they can.

I personally edited Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan recently. I aim to follow up on other Kazak airports in the future.

Many editors choose airports in the US because…imagery isn’t trash. You’d be mistaken if we were actually super comfortable to work off outdated or distorted-as-crap imagery.


Ok thanks for letting me know guys 👍

You mean HSSJ? That was added in the latest navigation update.

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This airport was just updated…

And if you want airports like these edited, I’d encourage you to join the team and work through the horrifically distorted imagery. 🙃

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To be honest i’ve had to cancel quite a few of my Chinese flights due to non-existant airports. Last one was just a couple of days ago


They have many airports with imageries where you can’t see taxiway lines

We can’t work with that