Airport & Navigation Update: Let's try this again

I actually finished some weeks ago 😂 the airport is now complete redone and should be pushed in the next scenery update.


About Oshkosh I won’t be attending but am I allowed to spawn in there when this event is being held?

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I feel, it got harder to carry.

If this is in order to be able to watch the event at a later time, perhaps a mod, or staff member that will be in attendance could share their Replay with the IFC?

Alright .thanks

What day will the event be? I’m coming to KOSH in real life and hopefully in IF.
Love that you added extra parking there! 😃👍🏻

So I started IF and I wait over 10minutes and IT doesn’t connect! I now have Weekend and I planed to fly a Lot on the best Flight sim ever! So please please Help!


Please begin here :)

Finally. Now I can breathe!

Hi since the roll back to the airport and navigation update my home airport CYUL P.E.T. International Montreal Canada I notice that taxiway E between rwy 6L and taxiway B got broken as seen from the tower when I am controlling have not yet seen it from any cockpit but will verify also shows from the cockpit I included a pic

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Go ahead and fix it then by applying to join IFAET


I’m the last person who worked on CYUL. That area in Google appears to be under construction. I don’t know if the area is finished IRL (I assume it is) but I don’t know what’s the final shape of the taxiway. In the meantime it will remain like that. The most logical thing to do is not to instruct pilots to taxi through there.

Just viewed google earth looks like it’s done I’ve circled taxi E goes straight into rwy 6L

What do you mean IFAET

IFAET stands for the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team.

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That’s the old imagery. That doesn’t show the apron south of the airport.

This is the latest imagery in Google Earth. The red circle shows the taxiway closed in the meantime and the orange circle shows the south apron I’m talking about.

Google Maps seems to be a bit outdated, still the airport is up to date.

Still not clear? switch off the Globe mode on Google Maps.


Was this the one with kmsp and kstp updates?

KMSP is still WIP, expect it next update built from the ground up.

KSTP has been fixed and is already in the sim.

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Does the infinite flight nav database include all the fixes found in a worldwide AIRAC package?