Airport name

Why is this airport named Taipei Taoyuan Airport and not the official name Taiwan Taouyan. Even though the airport is located 40 km west of Taipei City proper it is one of the main international airport that serves the entire island country and only airport in Taiwan that serves multiple continents

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I can think of 2 reasons

  1. To show where it is located (For beginners or those who are not good with airport locations)
  2. Taipei Taoyuan is a more well known name and sounds a bit more right

Thank you for pointing this out! I will pass this on to the appropriate editors. :)

  1. Taiwanese government named it Taiwan Taouyan Airport and not Taipei Airport as not only it serves taipei but the northern part of Taiwan and with the Taiwan High Speed Rail and other train services you can connect to anywhere on the island in a shorter amount of time than it takes by vehicle.
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