Airport movement, and airports

Hi development team,
I’m just wondering of there are any plans for you guys to have all the airport ground vehicles, along with the gates to begin moving around. Also I don’t know when you will be adding more airports but I was wondering when Boston Logan international (KBOS) will be put in.

You guys are doing a grate job with all the updates including the A330 update.


The long term goal with 3d airports are to animate the objects to interact with aircraft. Since this is the very first stage of development on buildings, there is no time frame on when this could be complete.

As for Boston, the goal is to give all airport buildings. As BOS is a fairly large airport I imagine it won’t be too far down the line. 🙂

As mr. Ethan the 123rd said, it was said by the devs that the intention with gates and airport vehicles was for them to move around. Unfortunately, they need to be synchronized just as well as the planes, and ground traffic already requires quite a lot of it due to the fact that movements on ground are less predictable than when you’re flying, so add tens if not hundreds of objects to the mix and you can see the problem. So until there is a solution that doesn’t require a lot of additional bandwidth, they’ll likely stay stationary.

This will be coming in a future update. Infinite Flight has already mentioned they do not have specific dates for these types of things - don’t worry, they will be coming soon.

The goal right now, is to just get as many airports as they can 3D before they start perfecting the airports. One way to think of it is, why would you start another task when you have not finished the first one? It is sort of the same concept. They want to make as many airports 3D, before they start to perfect those 3D airports.

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Not sure when this will be ready and Able to work on for the devs they are still working hard on the a330 and all the airports of the world to be 3D so it might be a while maybe by 2022 who knows that’s what I know!

Not sure what extra you’d know, but I’ll drop the site regarding questions below for anyone to have a peek at. 🤷‍♂️


Yeah, I was just saying because I was going to link that if he asked. You sorta did the job for me haha. 😂

I was going to link that, along with the 3D buildings blog as well. I know it is not as good as the Q&A that I would have linked as well, but I was just going to add it on because I believe Jason mentioned it would only be stand still work for now.

Anyways, thanks man :)

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