Airport missing

The airports HGTW and HTMB for Mbeya, Tanzania aren’t modelled. HGTW has a 11,000ft runway, so I’m quite surprised its not included. I held off asking until the recent terrain release, but still isn’t there.

Thanks devs for all the great work so far, just want to clear up some small problems,

the infinite flight airport editing team will get to this airport soon! thanks for your patience.

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Are you saying that they are definitely not there in the app, or just not remodelled to a good standard?

This is the image I got when googling Mbeya airport. Also, searching it up on wikipedia, it seems that there are currently no airlines serving this airfield. The field looks disused, maybe that’s why it is not in the x-plane airport files we use to re-work airports and thus not in the airport package that the editing team send to the devs to be implemented in the sim.

In terms of Songwe airport (HTGW), I’m not sure why it is not in the sim. The most likely reason is probably that it is not in the x-plane files again.

Not at all. I can just make out the different colour of the runway at HGTW

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Songwe is a relatively new airport, only 5 years or so old. Mbeya airport has been semi disused since the new one came into operation.


HTMB exists in our database, in the state we received it from X-plane.

It has no data in the file except the location. We haven’t got around to editing it yet, it’s on our long to-do list. Once the airport is edited (high quality), it will be visible in the simulator.

There are a lot of these “location only” airports, most in Asia and Africa. In our repository, the folder names have [-].

For HGTW, that ICAO doesn’t exist.

PM me if you have any questions,