Airport Missing in Guangdong province

Hello, I had found that ZGSD the Zhuhai Int’l airport has missing in Infinite Flight. Also, most of the points are miss out too. Regarding on Cathay Pacific uses their air crafts to perform fly exams at this airport, with airshow occur dual year. Please add to the weather and the full airport.

Thank you for your attention. Please share it with the airport editing team.

Try restarting your device and move this to support

Yet, Have it been added to Infinite Flight?

I dont understand your problem, can you explain more

I am using simple English, if you have any difficulties on the meaning, you may use your mother language to translate.

So is the airport misting

If you want the airport to be added, you can add it yourself by joining IFAET!

If you are having problems with airports ask @Ryan or @Moritz

But I am still at school (university year 1)and lack of knowledge about editing, I am only good at 3d animations and documents then filing it. Moreover, I have to hand-in several long long (3000-8000 English words assignments and written test at school, and it takes quite a lot of hours to research then edit).Sorry, but I must say that telling the truth is not a guilt!

English assessment and editing. ??? I’m not following

Well, If you want the airport to be added so badly, then you should add it. As far as I know, I don’t think IFAET take requests. That was the whole point of IFAET, to add an airport that you want. If you can’t, then done expect others to do it for you unless they want to.

There are several tutorials on Airport Editing, trust me, it isn’t too hard!

I am only advising as an user even then I am a Flight Officer at a viral airline, missing an sub-airport in Canton provenience is no good, pls understand my works.

So you’re saying that missing 1 airport out of more than 1500 international airports is bad?

I get your point though. Who knows, maybe someone will add it for you.

Also there is another major airport at the capital of China— the Beijing Da xing Capital Airport, do anyone have further news(that will be on Infinite Flight)? As China has it’s Platinum jubilee, even President Trump have to respect it, so I hope the members of IFAE can identify and executrices this major event.

Is this in the correct category

I honestly don’t know.

#ThirdPartyDevelopers are for third party apps

It applies from the discretion above. Gn then xoxo.

No, it is in the correct category.

Ok thanks :D