Airport missing but have visual help?

Just today I started a flight from SBBE to SBRJ and when I was about to touch down at SBRJ the wheels didn’t even touched the runway and the plane was like failling down the runway, I can see the airport and runways but just before touchdown my wheels won’t even touch the runway and just continues to descend. I have no idea is it a glitch or some sort?


I was really frustrated cause it was a 3:30 hour flight

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Try heading into settings and clearing your scenery cache. More than likely this will resolve the issue.


All right I’ll try that! Thx man.

No worries mate, let us know if that solves the issue. Also restart the app once you clear the cache.

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Thanks very much it worked

Awesome, glad the issue has been resolved.

Happy flying!

I also want to add another possibility :
If you land very hard it can happen that your wheels also smash through the runway

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How hard was your landing because the possibility explained by @infiniteflight_schoo could be it