Airport METARs not showing on Global Map

Hello again, IFC. When I started up Infinite Flight to start a flight in multiplayer, i noticed all the airports have no METAR Weather Data on them. Is anyone having this issue or is it in my end?

I have that problem too, maybe the crazy winds Knocked down the metar at the irl airport so no data is being reported

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We’ve been looking into an issue with METARs for some users today. They should hopefully be back soon, sorry for the inconvenience

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Yea also like sometimes the METARS are normal but a few hours in it goes light green and it says no weather forcing me to restart the app

No need to restart the app, when METARs are working again they’ll automatically download. In the meantime, the weather will be provided by our winds aloft service which should still update as you fly

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What weather provider do you guys use? It is just one or multiple?

We use multiple sources for our weather system

Right now KLGA is showing no color on the METAR but KJFK is showing light green and no weather in my screen.

is that a bug?

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The same just happened to me. After i filed my flight plan, i went to check the METAR for TJSJ. Then, it said “No Weather”. (It was working when I spawned in.)

Even if the METARs aren’t showing up, you can always use an outside resource to gain information such as Flight Radar.

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