Airport METAR shows “No Weather”

Before I take off, I’m able to see most of airport’s METAR but at some point, I’m no able to see METAR and says “No Weather” Not just one airport, there are multiple airport, but not all of. Top right check marks are all green and I don’t know what’s the problem. It happen most of time specially when I fly long-haul fight. It’s really annoying because I can’t decide which RWY should I use based to wind and stuff. And this is what’s looks like on my screen.


Please check my reply here on how to fix this issue.


I hope that will help! It seems fine when i start flying but like after 7,8 hr later, weather info lost so I can’t really tell if I got that problem fix or not when i just spawn at airport 😅

Yeah, I’m having the same problem right now

This has become very common in the last weeks


As the weather displayed in IF is still the real one, even though there is no METAR displayed, I would recommend to use Flightradar24 or a similar source for the METAR as a work around as long as this problem isn’t solved.
Sadly happening rather regularly in the moment as @NeperQiell wrote.


I mean I have FR24 or even Fore Flight that I can check weather but sometime it’s not same as real weather so I do rather use IF weather to check.

I have the same issue. It started a few weeks ago

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I restart my device and re-download IF and try but long haul and see if I can get that problem over. I’ll let you know if that worked or not

Oh nice, you’re heading to Chubu. I’m heading to Los Angeles and it’s got no weather. Definitely search up the airport on flightradar24 and it’ll tell you the weather quick and easy.

My Solution: Try to restart your Infinite Flight app, If there is no weather in aiport status click your screen and press the airport status weather again and the METAR is pop out. IMPORTANT! Not all airport METAR & TAF is available to check complete and detailed METAR check in

How am I supposed to restart in mid-flight? It happens during flight. Yes of course when I end flight and re-spawn at airport or restart IF, weather will show up but I’m looking for solutions for Not lost weather information during flight.

If you have another device you can check in chrome [AWC - METeorological Aerodrome Reports (METARs)]
I hope can help your problem

Like I said. I can check TAF and METAR on ForeFlight but sometime it’s not same so I do like to use IF weather info to be accurate in IF world.

have you try to press the airport status bar (WX) many times? supposed can pop out the METAR. Im sorry if still doesn’t help your problem thank you. :)

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Yeah. I’ve try that to but didn’t help me :( but still thanks for advice

its ok @Ace_YukiNeko
But this problem unfortunately happends in you. Please contact IF Staff for more information or FAQ


We’re looking into this issue but don’t have that much to share about any progress at this point. Sorry for the inconvenience!


The other issue is the METAR being incorrect. For example it showed winds at 250° 15kts while my HUD showed winds at 337° 15kts. I planned my STAR and Approach according to the METAR only to find out it was incorrect and my HUD was right. Even upon touchdown, the METAR and HUD remained unchanged. There are multiple major hubs where it simply says no weather at times RCTP, RJTT, KLAX etc…

for all that have this issue you also can look on this IFATC site: IFATC Info - Airport Info
type the ICAO code in and search for it. there you get the Metar and also many more informations about the Airport like biggest Aircraft allowed there and so on.

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