Airport markers have disappeared with re- install

Has anyone re- installed the basic program to find out that the airport and runway markers have disappeared? Visual approach is almost impossible. Is there an in program setting to restore these visual features?

@freakindeacon Visit the settings page once the app is open, go to the general tab and the landing aid option should be there and once you turn it on, there should be the red rectangles for help with approach

You mean the names and numbers of the airport/runways?

That’s what I thought he meant, but I realized it was the landing aid feature

Visual approach without the landing aid is possible, and it gets to be the funniest part of the flight when you get it right.
What you should do is fly until the ILS glide slope indicator match with each other, then start descending with your ground speed multiplied by 5. If you go out of the slope and are too high (triangle over rectangle), increase rate of descent until matching again, if you are too low, level up and match again, and keep descending.

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Thanks! I had not made any changes for a long time, and was ignoring that settings tab. I was able to restore both airport and runway markers, and the red glide path markers remained. I am looking perhaps to go live, but have no idea what that is like.

Read some articles about live. Try learning the patterns.