Airport Maps

How can the layout of destination airport be determined, gate locations, air cargo areas, maintenance parking?

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I use an app called LiveFlight on IOS. Unfortunately, to know the information you have listed above you will have to pay for a Horizon subscription.

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You can also look at airport maps, airport websites and other information online before taking off, or before you land.

@mdkeller0330 I use VirtualHub, a free app to help plan your intire flight, without have to pay for anything.

I use for all US airports

I use LiveATC to get charts, the maps I google and try to pinpoint an estimate of where I should park

Or alternatively my free site. It has all of the airports in IF with their gates and is even more up to date than live flight since each time an airport is added to the IF Library it is updated here. PM me with any questions

Example if KORD


I use Airnav

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