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Questions …
Why sometimes I have to stop and then turn on the internet to download the airport map?
Is this problem due to pressure to increase the number of pilots in the server?

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Internet connection is required to play IF

You should always be connected to the internet when playing infinite flight… The scenery is streamed to save storage on your device.

If you are flying online and disconnect, it can cause issues in an active airspace, and can often result in you not being able to reconnect at all.

As infinite flight relies heavily on live data and information you should always have your local connection when flying 😬


I don’t mean when the Internet is stopped.
My intention was …
When I have a long trip and when I arrive at the destination … I can’t see the airport map … Why?

Click on the airport and click for the info then zoom into and try

The update is quite new, there may be a few bugs :) The game has to load all of the globes airport diagrams which can cause some minor bugs.

I have tried but still can’t see it

I hope that
Thank you

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Anyways, if it wont load, i’d use LiveFlight or Google Maps to help you, Happy Flying 🙂

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It takes some time to load the airport details. They are not preloaded to safe bandwidth and performance. If just starts loading them when you zoom in to a certain level, silo you sometimes you have to wait a bit.


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