Airport Map

No, how would people learn to use it?

It should be available at all levels


On TS people don’t eaven use the taxi ways half the time, it would be the same with ATIS, no one on either end would be able to do it right…

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I don’t know where you fly (surely EGLL KJFK 🙄) but people on TS aren’t all dumb.

Some dudes just can’t fly X hours or do X landings because of their time schedule so they aren’t grade 3 or above, even if they are more professional than half expert users.

You’re just saying that because of others, they couldn’t use a nice feature.


Do you mean something like this:?



This is very needed for realism and has a big yes vote from me


I’ve closed the old one Tim linked above now as this one received some traction now, a couple of more votes and greater detail.


ATC should also say hold short of runway XX.

This would take sometime if it were to be implemented because there are sooo many airports.
But it is making the simulator much more realistic, voted :)

Yes, but of course it would have to be app modified because of copyright issues…

Fine by me. Thought maybe the other one might have had more votes which could have helped to tack on to but either way

Yes please! I had to remove about 5 votes for this but it’s worth it

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What do you think of my idea?

I know the feeling removing 5 votes to place 1 😒


Realism. I love it 👍
I think this will be very useful especially when separating arriving and departing traffic preventing delays and congestion on one side of an airfield.

Great idea and would vote if i had any votes left. I think this would especially work on Expert and maybe not have it implemented on TS and Casual as people just wouldn’t follow it. And i love the idea on having to taxi via… This would just add that realism that people on Expert crave!

Removed a vote elsewhere to stick a vote on this. Great idea and improving realism infinitely!

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All im hearing is just more added Realsim. love the idea.

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Excellent Idea! This can prevent pilots from taxiing on grass at night.


Interesting idea! Out of votes though. I would see this as a great fourth page on the map for pilots to help them navigate. However, imagine the poor ground controller who would have to work with mutiple impatient planes (say FNF), spending the time to dictate an entire taxi to each one. Perhaps, like the current setup for ATIS, a ground controller would punch in a set taxi plan for each terminal prior to/at the beginning of each session, and then just tap “taxi plan A/B/C etc” for each plane, which would then generate the plan (“proceed to taxiway Alpha, turn on Charlie, etc”) Seems complicated, but if it made its way into IF it would be awesome :)

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Yes, I like your idea!