Airport map inside the cockpit

With the new update coming soon I thought that what if IF could put the brand new airport diagram map inside any of the live cockpit computers in any of the new live planes and other live planes


on the far left screen that doesn’t show anything

This can also benefit the game because it adds more realism as this is a real world aspect to the cockpits. It also reduces the need to use the mini map that you can pop up on your screen next to the throttle
other planes
For other planes with live instruments, it can go like this

You can select and hold, COMPASS NAV and inside the tab there is an added option to show the runway diagram

I like the idea, but I’m not gonna vote until I see what’s coming, because if this is what’s happening, I’m not using vote ;D

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it isn’t confirmed so that is why I made the features request :)

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Thanks for making my idea a feature request! I’ll be sure to clear a vote for this!

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Vote for your own feature! ;)

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I see with the A350, but where would it go in the other aircraft that don’t have blank screens?

I mean, aircraft like the DC-10/MD-11 would be able to accommodate it.

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Hello! This explains why we don’t have it at the moment.

so it would be small but on the map panels in the planes like this I mean it is just a simple request

@infiniteflight_17 i see yes but it wont hurt to make a features request for it :)

It’s already an internal goal at the moment though. I’d wait for mod to see what they want to do with this as a lot of votes can make this goal more of a priority.

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@infiniteflight_17 Exactly thank you for your opinion. Much appriciated

:) :) :) :)

And where would that screen go? It has a purpose…

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When you land that screen can go away I don’t know this is only a suggestion

The big screen your referring too on the A350 is the OIS screen. It’s actually primarily for displaying airport maps and as much as I Do want this, I’m not going to vote on it as I think that they’ll add it in the near future.


They are planning it as @infiniteflight_17 said above but lots of votes can speed up the process to get this done

That is very true and I’ll keep an eye on this thread, if it goes well I’ll chuck my support into it but for now I’ll hold back and do what I do best which is making model railways.

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No. That’s not how it works. They may be “planning” it, but that could be months or years from now. Just the thought of screens switching around at certain points sounds like a coding nightmare.

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Well this what a regular said so I don’t know. @Altaria55 all this is is is a simple request for something to add to the game

Well, I’m a former Regular… being Regular doesn’t automatically make you right and in-the-know about everything (no offense @infiniteflight_17 and every other regular). Based off of when airport diagrams were announced, this doesn’t seem like something the devs will add soon.

I’m not trying to shoot your request down and I’m not trying to make you feel bad or be rude, and if I do, I sincerely apologize. I’m just stating what I think about the feature. Hope you understand.


I understand but again this is just a request for something to see in the future

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