Airport Lights

I LOVE to play at nights…for me it makes my experience so much better, but what always bothers me is whenever i come to a landing or to taxi, take off or anything to do with the runway, my bright always has to be at its peek, creating a bit of lag for my device…why?

Lighting, the runways only has a small area lighting that doesn’t seem to even illuminate the floor or surrounding areas so the taxi lines are extra hard to see, especially when i just want to take my glasses of for a bit😂

It would be super cool if the lightings could be reworked a bit to atleast illuminate the surrounding areas just a tiny bit, or atleast if not the runway lights, can the plane landing lights and other lights shine and illuminate the area so i can see ahead of me?

Hi, lighting is something that is planned to be upgraded in the future, however isn’t currently possible.

The blog regarding vulkan and metal would probably be a good read for you

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Coming soon!