Airport Lights

It would be very nice to get lights which illuminate planes and the ground near to the terminal like on the photo.Also this addition will decorate night scenery in IF.


This is probably a stupid question, but what airport is that?

It is Tokyo airport,I’ve googled

Thanks man. Respect.

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Which one? They have 2.

This is closely related to city lights which I’ve been hoping for.So yes i like this idea

This all seems very nice, but bare in mind that this will require the implementation of 3D buildings and advanced scenery; something that has been requested and discussed thousands of times prior to this thread.

You must also remember that the rendering and processing power required to ‘run’ these features would most likely cause your device to go into melt down. It would most likely mean upgrading your device to some of the higher end more expensive models on the market.


@B767fan @The_simulation_nerd That’s Osaka (KIX), not Tokyo.


First we need terminals and building :)

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IKR? The little lighting that IF has barely illuminates anything! I think you should be able to see the runway lights in the fog when you land.

Why would airport light require buildings?

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But before that, we need reworked models ;)

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Finally, Someone reads My mind hehe

But I Think we shouldn’t wait till’ 3D Terminal And Buildings come, Instead, we should add Lights Around Terminal area so when you parked at the gate (on Night Mode), Your Aircraft would look brighter. (For a Temporary Reason). Just My 2 cents

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Before that they should put landing lights and smoke

Agree with this topic. The picture is so nice that it makes everyone want to see the feature on IF. Hopefully we’ll see it very soon on IF

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This is definitely needed!

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Oh, don’t be sad because your topic is duplicate.
This feature is old, that’s why the rule of 3 months doesn’t work here

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