Airport Lighting

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Currently flying from LEPA > EGMC, I have been flying over and have noticed how light the airports seen.

This may make it difficult on approach. Is there a way to increase the light so I can see the airport and runway further away?

The only way you can increase ‘Light’ is by increasing your brightness. The airport is is lit and looks fine to me, is it the taxiway lights your talking about? Taxiway Lights has not been put into the game yet, but it will come one day or the other. Other than that, no their is no way you can increase airport light unless again you increase your brightness.

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I am afraid there isn’t an option to increase the brightness of the runway lights.

What Laura mentioned some months ago:

Reworking our lighting system is something we want to work on at some point. The lights we have now are pretty old and it’s not that straightforward to make a good lighting rendering, especially on mobile.

In conclusion, except from increasing your mobile brightness there isn’t anything else you can do. If I were you, I would zoom towards the airport and wait until I see the first runway lights.


Unfortunately the lights on the airports are the way they are supposed to be. But you can vote for it if you want. :)

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Adding to what @Thomas_G said: I think in the podcast after Las Vegas Flight Sim Expo Laura said they were currently working on it to solve performance issues on mobile, as with the current lighting system it wouldn’t run very smoothly.

This is what I understood 3 months ago,please don't rely on it or use this message to say it's coming in the next update, thank you.
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I also think that when you’re playing, the darker your surrounding is where you are playing has a big impact. I usually turn off all the lights in the room when playing at night until it’s completely dark. It makes it a lot easier to see when playing. And also it feels kind of realistic to make it just as dark as it is in the game. 😋

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