Airport Legends meaning

Hi guys,
I’m just new with infinite flight. I just want to know what the numbers on the airport selection screen is.

666ft(below airport name), 8073x150ft(below runway)

I’ve already searched the forum.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Thank you guys, I just got IF yesterday and I’m really hooked in to it! Will try to learn everything that I can. Thanks again!

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If you need any help feel free to message me! :)

Sea level, runway length, runway width

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666ft (Which is under the Airport Name) it means how many feet it is above sea level, so when you land your altitude will not be 0ft it will be 666ft and 8073x150 (Which is under runway) it means how long and wide the runway is so you know if your plane is capable of landing on that runway or airport, the 8073 is the Length and the 150 is how wide the runway is.

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