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Havent Posted for a while: Work/education/life etc etc…

I just wanted to advertise the work that’s put into some of these airport layouts, and the possibly needed fix on some!

As I loaded up EGBB in the KLM 744 I noticed the detail and time that had been progressed into EGBB’s ground. Some serious well thought-out design! I’m aware that many airports are designed by various people (Including myself) and I’ve seen a fair amount of poorly worked airports, with taxi sidings and lines in a complete mess; nevertheless, it’s clear to see where the ‘Pros’ work is presented (EGBB, EGLC etc) and where the ‘Begginers’ doing is situated.

I’d like for there to be certain inspections on various airports noting the possible ‘updates’ and re-rendering that needs to take place, it’s clear that many have been done by people taking much less care: which in turn effects the realism and asthetics of the airport. I’m happy to give some examples, must be fustraighting for the mature editors like Cameron who spend so much time on each of their projects for it to be diminished by ‘Rush work’

Just a thought.

Peace out



All airports that are edited are subject to approval (quality control, if you will). We have certain expectations for airports, and if they don’t reach these expectations, we won’t add them to the library.

On that note, many airports were created before this airport editing was started, and standards vary across the board. However, airport editors are working very quickly on improving these lower-standard airports.

That being said, reach out if there are any airports that are in dire need of attention :)


And if you’re pointing out the jetways in that picture, we’ve already discussed in another topic that we aren’t adding them because we will probably have real jetways soon. Should we start adding them anyway @carmalonso? The more we add, the more we have to delete when we find out that 3D buildings are coming.

I’ll get back to you on that one.

They will be?

Nothing’s being removed in the end, I don’t think I sent the word out properly to you guys ;)

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Harry, let me introduce myself. I am a Chartered Engineer with 35 years experience living in the USA. I have been spending a LOT of time improving the airports on IF. I have a passion for doing so. I have many years experience with CAD design etc. I have been publishing all of the great work Cameron’s team has been doing.

You can see what is going on here. Rest assured I am spending a lot of my free time on this project to ensure all players enjoy what is being provided. I take all feedback as an ‘opportunity’ and I have been working very closely with Cameron.

You are in safe hands. Please feel free to contact me about specifics, I will address via the community and will provide feedback on the afore mentioned web site.

Cameron please feel free to comment.


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John, you are more than welcome and I have enjoyed your input/critique.You sir obviously know your stuff!

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Phillippe has a bad side? Seriously, bottom line is we are spending a lot of our free time cleaning up what was acquired. I am guessing that I have had to start from scratch approx 80% of the time. There are/were many airports which were either minimal at best or a poor representation of the actual layout. From what I am seeing the end product WILL be the best 2D representation of reality for a flight simulator. The reason that you see this much detail is the excellent job Matt and Phillipe did in providing this sim on this platform. Other sims focus on one area. IF focuses on providing the ability to sit back in your arm chair and easily span across the various continents.

I am a willing servant (volunteer of course), however, I believe in the product. Our love for the game shows in the hours we freely give to provide you the end user (of which I am one) something to be proud of!


I’m getting a sense of defence! I am by NO means complaining about the layouts. My intention was to THANK the team, and i am looking forward to those perhaps less well-done airports to be re designed. I’m in the process of editing one myself and will send a switch up to cameron. I’ve seen a couple id like to try and improve (straighten some lines out) that sort of thing.


Harry, have a look at my site. I am attempting to show pictorially where we are on the journey. This is all about collaboration. We are all working together for the greater good. Please provide feedback, it is all seen as an opportunity for improvement. I am pretty thick skinned.

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South Florida now availablle to view on wiki:

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