Airport Layout on HUD

Currently one can view airways and waypoints on mini screen whilst using HUD or cockpit view. I know buildings are a long way off. How feasible would it be to switch the waypoint map while taxiing at an airport to display a version of the airport layout. This way the pilot can then navigate to specific parking spots which could be defined on the airport layout view.


Good idea!

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Doing the precise layouts for every single airport…

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This is an old saw! It’s been recommended before “Place an airfield diagram on the Map Info Page”. How about that @dush19

Giving a good idea a bump.

Definitely a great idea :)

Now the latest release has come out for IF, I am now completing my creation of schematics for ALL Bravo and Charlie airfields. I will be taking a beak from Airport Editing to provide you an interim listing of IF Schematics. (an example)