Airport landing challenge

Do you want to land at an airport where the approach is steep? try landing at TFFB, Carribean. The approach at TFFB runway 32 only has 2 sides you can come in from unless you want your XP reset and your grade reset by coming straight in then its easy but first off, coming in from the right is difficult enough, as seen from the picture:

If you come in from the right youll have to descend over the mountains then make a very tight turn to the right, what makes this approach so difficult is as you can see to the very right that is the region border, and as we all know, if you leave the region youll get your grade and xp reset! The other way you can come in is the left, but that is as difficult because you are still up against the region borders. This is one of the hardest airports to land at in infinite flight as not only is the approach steep, but the runway is so short, I recommend no plane larger than the Embraer, good luck!


You’re allowed to go just outside of the region to make an approach to a runway - it’s just when you fly miles and miles outside of it that you wil have your XP reset. Take the approach for 19L/19R at KTPA…a lot of the time if Approach ATC is online and it’s the runways in use then they’ll vector you past the region’s border, and you’ll execute a proper approach there.


Move this to general as this you can also do this in solo mode, not just live. :) Thanks! I’ll try this out now.


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