Airport info missing?

Greetings! Here goes my first ever post on IFC and I’m not sure which category it belongs…

In previous version we get an airport info tab (same as the one we get in the map when tapping on an airport during a flight) when choosing an airport to take off from. But now, apart from atc and weather, all other info are gone, like runway length and procedures. Also, 23.2 only displays the name of the airport and not the city & country that the airport is situated in, like it used to. Does anyone know where I can find those info without starting a flight? Or do you think IF should add those features back in the next update?

Happy flying everyone! See y’all in the sky!

With 23.2 came the first iteration of the new UI. Meaning that there is a very high chance that things will change in the next few updates, to fine tune the new UI. Also receiving feedback from users like you are doing with this topic is something very important for developpers, to receive an external point of view.

I didn’t really give you an answer, but from what I read in the few topics giving feedback, is that the UI is still going to change a bit here and there, so there is a possibility that airport info will be back soon.

Hopefully I cleared things up a bit for you !

Cheers !


Thanks for clearing things up! It’s just a minor quality of life thing. Kudos to all the devs who made the 23.2 stunning!

One more suggestion is that in Mission, it would be nice to tap on the airport and see where that airport is in the world.

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Actually, I frequently fly from rdu to other places, and now it shows morrisville (the true place of origin) on there. I don’t think I get what you mean?

So in free flight mode, when you are on the main screen choosing your starting airport, it just shows the airport name on the left as, ie KJFK John F Kennedy intl. But in the last version, it also shows that KJFK is in Queens, New York, United State(same format as you would see in map view during a flight). I know this isn’t the best example as pretty much everybody knows where KJFK is but it would be nice to have the extra information, especially if I’m flying to/from somewhere I’m not familiar with, without starting a flight.

In mission mode on the other hand, it only shows the city and not the airport name.

Hope that’s clear.

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