Airport Inaccuracies - What should I do?

Hello everyone! :)

I hope you all are enjoying the global update. We, airport editors, have been hard at work for months to get as many airports redone as possible. We’ve already reached some impressive milestones (Project A380…) and have redone over 2100 airports. While this is still a small portion in comparison to the amount of airport in the world (over 40000), all major airports should be covered. We want to quickly explain to you about how to report inaccurate airport layouts.

  • If there is an issue with a reworked airport, we will fix it to match our quality standards. To check out if an airport has been reworked, please click here.

  • If there is an issue with a non-reworked airport, we have no guarantee that we’ll fix it. This is because the non-reworked airports are based on the poor-quality default X-Plane files. An airport editor might consider to edit the airport, but if it’s not the case, feel free to join the team and do it yourself.

In any cases, if you want to report it, make sure you include as many informations as possible. Describe the problem as detailed as possible, link charts or maps that could help us.

Can you look at EDDT airport, I landed and I mean there is something missing (by runways 26L and 26R).

This is an example of what we received recently. How should we know what’s missing, where exactly? We would probably waste our time trying to figure out what’s wrong. This is definitely a bad example and we’ll ignore this type of messages, no matter if they are in PMs or on this thread.

To make sure it is as easy as possible for you guys to report an issue as well for us to fix it as airport editors, please use the following form:

We really appreciate your help. All comments which are either airport requests or off-topic will be flagged for moderation and deleted.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Meant for airport editors
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Note: Do not private Message any editor or supervisor, this is the quickest way to fix the inaccuracy reported ;)


What about missing fixes or waypoints? Should I use that forum too and list the coordinates and fix name?


We have a place to put them in, it’s not user friendly and you need a GitHub account.

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I would like to reiterate, this is not the place to request airports. I have been seeing lots of ‘inaccuracies’ being reported for airports that have yet to be redone.

  • To see if an airport has been redone check the quality of it. Missing taxiways lines and spawns are usually a dead giveaway that an airport has not been redone.

Issues that should be reported include elevation fixes for redone airports, missing objects (ramps, etc) from a redone airport. If something was added recently feel free to report it, but keep in mind that it may take time for the imagery to become available for use by editors (some of our programs have imagery that is upwards of 5 years old)

  • Once again, do not report issues for default airports, as they will be ignored.

On behalf of the Airport Editing Team,

Ryan Epps
Airport Editing Supervisor


No it’s not the correct place…

Dude, please read the post, it clearly says to use the forum linked.

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Where can I report this issue?

Read the main post, it says right there.


@Adrien@dush19. MaxSez: My hard working friends in the AIrdrome fix it shop let me suggest to you that your “Google Doc” Fix It Procedure is not User Frindly and inefficient. Very few will take their time and effort off the platform or Forum to take the extra effort required. Let me suggest that a “Forum Support sub-category for Nav/Airport maintenance be establish. The KISS factor should alway be considered when your dealing with a recalcitrant mob. Regards

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Without extra effort, we can’t find the tiny issue everyone mentions in a huge airport.

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@dush19… MaxSez: Consider useing the same guidence format found in the Google Doc in the Support SubCat. If you can format events why not Airport/Nav gripes. KISS and 1 stop shopping works for me.

I might put a word to someone who can put a word to the staff :) as for the format, I don’t think it will be used efficiently

We will also get a lot of bogus reports since many airports are not redone yet

@dush19. “Not used efficiently”, Do you really believe the Google Report will be effient! Bogus Reports, as expected, consider the multi levels of expertise of the user base. I’ll just send you or one of yr minions my input, Lo…just a suggestion NAR.
(pls pass it on… You guys do good work, about out of of gas due to strong headwinds over the Aleutian Islands last night outbound to Okinawa. Good thing you entered all those old WWll fields in that remote region. The Bering Sea is mighty unfriendly this time of year…”Do Good Work)

The form was the most easiest and efficient for us. Though I have to say we didn’t think of a new subcategory for airport issues.


I don’t know how to describe this but…

The airport is VNTR and i think it’s an altitude error. Thanks

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I suggest you read the post, it tells you exactly what to do.


That’s a terrain issue. Something that can be fixed one day.