Airport Inaccuracies - What should I do?

Two runways are superposed in Hanoi airport.

Was this sooooo hard to read?

must hurt.

which hanoi? No ICAO nothing duh…



Here is the definitive list of Bangladesh

What you will see in IF is NOT the latest release of airports. THIS can be found in the IF Library

Please read the post again.


@Boeing773ER Use this link to report an airport inaccuracies:

Also, Read The actual thread please!

Edit: @Adrien beat me to it lol

What is Project A380?
Is that what Matt Davies is doing?

Just a project to get all airports that have the A380 flying to them, edited. So TS1 users are happy

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All A380 airports have been updated. We are now working steadily on Project 10k, all airports whose runway is greater than 10,000 ft so that all aircraft can land at them.


Please read the post again.


ho sorry,
i understand now, excuse me again
thank you

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Contrary to Dush’s comment I am ALWAYS happy to respond person to person about any Airport concerns. Yes I AM an airport editing supervisor however, unlike my younger whipper snapper colleagues - yes I have time for you and am happy to address you concerns/opportunities regarding airport edits (not navigation). Airport editing is my hobby, that is why I keep a free to use Google site of these airports for the benefit of the IF community. Please feel free to PM me if you like regarding these ‘opportunities’. Of course you should still create issues as mentioned earlier in this entry however I recognize that some users like the personal touch as it can get confusing by the different forms and procedures.

Where I can help I will.



The same generally applies to me, however I ask that any issues you have be verified as an edited airport first (at the very least ask me in PM).

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