Airport Improvements

Hi Guys,
I just tried to control KSRQ as Tower & Ground and besides the usual problems controlling on playground I noticed that it is possible for aircraft to spawn in on the runway wich makes it nearly impossible to have a smooth landing and take off rhythm because nearly every second landing plane had to perform a go-around because of the aircraft randomly spawning in. I know this is the case with many Class Delta airports because they don’t have any actual parking space but KSRQ is a Class Bravo airport. Do you know any other airports with a similar problem? I hope that this can be fixed soon because it’s really no fun being a controller there.

Edit: I just checked - it is only possible to enter on one of the four runway ends…

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Okay, I will tell this to some people.

Same goes for KRSW

KSRQ has been rewritten and no longer has runway spawn points. You can view the new layout at

There were many many inherited airfields which were sub optimized. We are working long and hard to bring you improvements.



Belongs in Beta I believe. Am truly pleased (for what it’s worth) of the work completed thus far by the Runway Improvement effort. Have watched for years… “Do Good Work” all involved & thank you. Max Sends

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Your very welcome Max

Thank you for that hypersonic reply and action - great team :-)

Yes KRSW, has the same problem. It has all the nessary parking spots but you spawn on either ends of the rumway.

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It has also been reworked

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Did you put together that website listed above?

Yes sir this is solely my fault

Lol no I don’t care about that. The site is great alot of good information.

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Same for KNXP Twentynine palms in SoCal.

KAPA has this problem in Denver

what problem exactly?

No parking spots to spawn at so you have to spawn on the runway.

Alex what problem do you perceive with Twentynine Palms. Here is a link to the latest view of the airfield. I have added the flight deck simulation:

You are quite right. I will do this one next:

I am currently rebuilding KFLL (South Florida). Will be done in a few days. I will be sure to do KAPA next for you :)

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Go get 'em @Kilt_McHaggis ;)

KFLL now complete:
On to KAPA as mentioned