Airport Idea

Who do I contact for an airport I would like to be added to the sim?


IFAE Infinite Flight Airport Editors. Not exactly sure who the manager is.

Is there a specific person I should pm?

This thread includes the managers who I would recommend contacting. Please don’t contact IF staff as stated in the thread. Only contact the managers.

Or you could just PM @airportediting

That sounds like an airport request, which even the managers may not take.

It’s more of a suggestion than a request

I bet they’d still suggest you join the team and edit it yourself.


Hey there 👋 The people that make airports are volunteering and don’t take requests. However, feel free to post your request here and maybe they might do it!

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My suggestion was Rogachevo Air Base (ULDR), the Russian Air Force base on Novaya Zemlya.

Yeah lots of times they won’t take suggestions but not all people have a pc that can handle the software, or a pc at all

@DiscoPanda the main guy like main manager (I think is) @Moritz

You should consider scrapping your computer if it can’t handle the software of WED and SAS. Trust me, it doesnt tank your computer.

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WED doesnt need a high tech PC to run

It’s not that I have a crappy pc, I don’t have one at all

Is there an app that gives you all airports weather and runway that you can land on around the world

I’m not totally sure.

Visit for more information.