Airport icons

what do the different airport icons mean?
there are pink, blue, multicolour

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Blue means it is controlled, purple means it is uncontrolled, blue with green means it has weather updated specific for the airport, and purple with green means it is uncontrolled with updated weather specific to the airport.


just blue or blue and green?

I edited my post to show about blue+green and purple+green

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Take a look here

When the airport code is white it is not being controlled when it is green it is under some type of control.

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but when i tap on an icon it doesn’t say that anyone is controlling

Blue+green also tends to mean good weather, blue+gray/sandy tends to mean medium visibility, and blue+red means poor visibility. Same with purple.

They are only being actively controlled if the ICAO text is green

It means that it can be controlled. If the name above the airport is green, then there is someone controlling there.

That means that active ATC isn’t available. Remember, not every airport has active ATC. You will know if it is being controlled if the ICAO text is green

thanks!!! i’m on the expert server and nearly no airports have atc!!!

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Schedule for Expert Server ATC is posted weekly which details the regions that are being controlled each day, apart from FNF which is announced on Thursdays

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The Expert Server has ‘licensed’ controllers which have been trained to control large quantities of traffic correctly. The Training Server is open to anyone, so generally the scheduled airports in the ATC Schedule (pinned on the home page of this community) are controlled, and not as many controllers are active compared to the TS.

oh so you have to be licensed like get a license?

You have to learn how to correctly control, and have to pass a written and practical exam , as well as regular check ups on your skill :)

oh!! wow!
i’m good thanks

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