Airport Hours

I know that this topic seems a little quixotic, but have you ever taken a flight at an airport that you know in the real world is closed at the moment? This feature request would take care of that thought, by making airports closed at certain hours, like St Maarten is closed from 3Z, 2Z during DST, to 11Z, 10Z during DST, and Heathrow is closed from 23Z, 22Z during DST, to 5Z, 4Z during DST. If you clicked on the airport it would reveal if it was closed or not, and you could get violations if you land there. This would add much realism to the game.


Possibly for advanced server only? The controller can take a break by closing the airport for a certain amount of time


Just would make certain people who cant fly on other times to the airport never fly to the airport.


Airports are never closed.
Tower must be open 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

What about if it were only on PG & Advanced? Since FFS doesn’t have ATC it makes zero difference whether or not it’s open, because it’ll still feel like any time of day. PG and Advance have airports that close. 24/7 airports stay open 24/7, ones with openings and closings would vary.

Towers can still stay open, just you’d have to get ATC to keep you immune from violation by giving you a special message. Like, “Rob 39 Heavy, you have special permission to land at this airport.”

I think for this to work properly we need proper time implementation in IF (i.e. not preset times of day, but times that change/can be set). It’s a bit all-over-the place with timezones and the like as the system is right now…