Airport Hotels, your favourite recommendation and why?

Having just booked my hotel stay for my family holiday (vacation) next week, I thought I would see what your favourite airport hotel was and why?

I think I’ve just found mind at the Radisson Blu, Manchester Airport, UK.

I’ve booked a Premium room, with airport views. Yes you heard me right, airport views.


This isn’t my room, just an example of the view.

I’ve never seen a hotel that does this before, and even though I have family literally 5 minutes away from Manchester International, I can’t resist the £150 prices for a single nights stay with that view!

So what’s your recommended airport hotel for people travelling around the world? And why would you recommend it to us?

Take it easy till next time!


Crowne Plaza at Changi airport!

It’s a beautiful hotel and like the hotel you booked one of the rooms overlooks one of the runaways and terminal!


Okay that’s cool enjoy it dude!


Renaissance at ATL has views of runway 26 and the terminal. Awesome plane spot area

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Hyatt Regency at LAX. The BEST!

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Rydges at Sydney Airport. The views are spectacular! You could literally be sitting on the couch watching tv, look out the large windows and see a QF A380 taking off 700 meters away. It really is just marvellous.

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I very nearly booked the crowne plaza at Manchester but the Radisson’s view is second to none for me haha

I’ll enjoy a couple of whiskeys by the window I think!

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Never stayed in airport hotels… i prefer to sleep on those nap chairs on the airport since most of my connection only last for 7 hour max…

Yeah I stayed there a few months ago

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InterContinental Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport, its brand new and looks amazing inside.

The Renaissance at Heathrow is amazing, I haven’t stayed in the rooms but from the carpark you can see everything, I have seen online though and it’s probably the best views from any hotel considering Heathrow has the most diverse aircraft landing and departing from all over the world.


Sheraton Frankfurt airport, super convenient, it’s connected to the terminal, and I used Expedia points to get it for $40 for a night 😎

Rooms were nice, and they had a cool bar and a nice spa area free of charge with a sauna and a steam room.

Marriott at Tampa perfect views of the airport

Ritz Carlton near LAX. Westin near ORD. Westin at DEN (brand new, just visited). Marriott near ATL. BVLGARI hotel Milan.

I’ve only stated a 2 airport hotels in my lifetime, The Crowne suetes next to EWR and the Hyatt in MCO, the Hyatt was much more convenient as security was right in front of us, and had a slightly better room.

I don’t usually stay at airport hotels because most flights I take are at a reasonable hour or the connection isn’t very long. I have, however, stayed at the Marriot airport hotel in Houston and it’s not bad. The upcoming Intercontinental Hotel at my home, MSP airport, also looks very nice.

The Westin hotel at DEN because of its’ proximity (couple hundred feet to the terminal) and most rooms have good views of approaches for the 34s and 35s.


Not to mention, look at the architecture. Isn’t it the coolest/weirdest hotel you’ve seen?!



The hotels in Dallas are awesome.
Ive only been to them once but it was a great experience. The lady who checked us in was able to get us on the twelveth floor.

Hyatt rengency orlando international airport.

Forgot to mention the Westin at DTW. Easily the coolest. Has its own TSA checkpoint, it only has Pre Check light though.

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