Airport Hopping in the A318!

Hey guys! It looks like today’s gonna be another one of those hour-long flights today. But I just can’t resist it, airport hopping in the A318ACJ is amazing! I even bought a pair of “extended fuel tanks” from Laura. 😉

No, I really didn’t…


Good luck!

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Was that taken at MIA a few minutes ago? If so, I’m pretty sure @LaroseRoyce is that KLM 787 and I’m just out of the shot!


airport hopping is marvelous…i like doing stuff like that in Chicago & Florida region…great fun…new airports different scenery…new challenges…i most do them in a C-208

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Flight plan ready! Pushback in a few. 😉

And thanks @Blizzard! 😄

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@FlyFi can I join you for a bit?

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are you on expert and whats your callsign

Sorry giys, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb because if somebody calls me it’ll crash my game, so I didn’t get any notifications.

And of course! Anyone is free to join.

Also, my Callsign is D345JF. :)

Ru in expert server @FlyFi

Oh, and I just broke an hour. 🙂👍

Actually, yes I am.

The region plz

If you mean region, then it’s South Florida.

I’m coming with the norstar 46 787-9

Breaking two hours! And since I’m still planning on going back to Tampa, that might make it three! 😨

Oh, and by the way, I’m going by the actual daylight cycle in Florida. :)

I saw u in the it was nice but have to go zzzzzzzz good night

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If only I had the time to do that😭

Parked up at Tampa! Gonna get ready for my flight all the way back to Miamk in a few. And also, it looks like I’ve spotted The Flying Squad. :)

@Alan_Perez @elisua @stevenwalker109


Pushing back for the final time! This last bit will seal the 3 hours of my flight! @Tampa Expert.


wow imagine how much xp you would get