Airport Hold?

I have seen this particular hold, what is used to accomplish this automatically?

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It looks pretty?? IDK

Edit: I have no idea. I think you have to have 2 or more waypoints so close, that the plane try’s to turn, but the turn is too wide so it keeps going on and on…

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Just a lot of waypoints. A LOT of waypoints.

There are not waypoints for that hold, its a software of some sort but which one?

Or someone forgot to wake up and


Legend has it that they are still holding to this day…


Lol they are I was just there.

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Nooo, those jokes are… ahhh!!!

Anyways I was able to accomplish this phenomenon once, but it was like on the 2nd day I’d just gotten IF.

Not to mention any names but…this guy.

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Boom, problem solved just copy their Flight Plan LOL

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@johanSwe what are you doing?

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He hasn’t been on since October, has he been in that pattern since I wonder… 😱


Someone really hit the snooze button on the alarm clock today


Nothing is used to accomplish this automatically, all you have to do is have 2 waypoints very close to each other, to the point where if the plane turns, it will be unable to intercept the fix leading to an ever lasting sky drawing.


I think it’s weird because every time I oversleep my plane just continues for hundreds of miles until I wake up. So I’m curious now lol.


What a wonderful piece of art! 👏🏻👍🏻

Try falling asleep when you hit the destination and see what happens on Liveflight… 😉

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It’s probably his waypoint are too close each other.


This has happened to me before. If you oversleep into your arrival airport, this will happen. It also is because you haven’t slowed down and are going Mach .82 or something with 2 way points (The approach way point and the runway way point or the turn-to-base way point and the turn-to-final way point) which the aircraft cannot handle, thus it tries to get close enough to the way point to allow it to go to the next way point. That is why it continues to circle. This could also occur anytime in flight if 2 way points are to close to each other at cruising speed as well. And as @Kate_Russell said, the aircraft keeps going, that is because the waypoints are close enough for the aircraft to make them, thus ending the flight but the aircraft will just continue in the same heading because it arrived at the destination. I know that was long, sorry.

I assume it’s purposeful, it’s something I do quite often if I know I will have to get up early, so if I sleep in I will be circling the airport, not off over the Atlantic Ocean when I get up.

He just hit the end of his FP so it’s trying to hold over YPPH, and due to whatever combination of factors takes a slightly different path to try to swing back to it, be it Speed, winds aloft, etc.

I watched this guy make a nice pattern for about four hours because his FP didn’t have any more waypoints to go to. It holds at the end but it’s impossible to make a perfect circle that overlaps every other due to physics.