Airport has 'no weather' status

Even though I am fully connected to the live expert server I am not experiencing any weather (wind). Once I click on the airport icon on the map it says ’ No Weather’. However in the top right corner my weather icon is indicated green. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hello, can you provide me the Airport?

Yeah both my departing (EGHI) and arriving airport (EHAM), but a lot more airports around my show the same, for example EGKK.

This occurs sometimes. I think it’s just a delay in receiving the weather data. I’ve seen this many times before as well. If flying anywhere controlled, just check the ATIS. If you’re concered about landing at an uncontrolled airport without knowing the wind situation, your best bet is to check for wind info or another weather application. Let me know if you need additional help with this :)

Ok thanks, so nothing to do about it?

Wait, try turning on Airplane Mode for about 30 seconds or so then turn it back off. See if this works. You could also restart the app or your phone if that fails.

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